About Us

Our names are Frances and Rafaela. We attend 3rd Grade at Meher Montessori School in Monterey Park, California.

This year we have been studying about recycling and marine mammals and we got very interested in both. We went on a field trip to the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, California. We loved all we saw and learned in there. It was right after that visit that we decided we really wanted to help the Seals and Sea Lions at the Care Center and decided that even Two Kids Can Make a Difference.

We wanted to combine recycling and helping marine mammals and just like that our project was born!

With the help of our families we started to collect cans and plastic bottles. At this time we are inviting all students at Meher as well as school staff to help us collect as many recyclable cans and plastic bottles as possible by Tuesday, June 5th. Our goal is to reach the $200 and donate it to The Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro. In order for us to reach the goal we need to collect an estimated of 4,000 cans and/or bottles.

We and our marine mammal friends really appreciate your help!


Frances and Rafaela.